Are you having problems with that new piece of hardware or software you just purchased for your home or office? We can help you set up your gear and get it running. And when problems arise, or that nasty new virus has a tight grip on your computer, we can help you get back to being productive with your computer.

Every calendar day, 9,000 people switch from the Microsoft Windows world to the Macintosh OS X one. If you're one of those contemplating the switch, we can help you make the transition a smooth one as well. We can provide you with the training and the tools to help you move all your valuable information such as your Outlook Contacts and your Word documents and we can show you equivalent applications to help you accomplish the same tasks you are already accustomed to. And, in those rare occasions where your application does not have a Macintosh equivalent, we will help you set up to run Windows within your Macintosh OS X environment so you can run that application on your shiny new Mac.